Staying Connected: Free Mini-Classes to Keep You Technologically Savvy

By Fitale Wari

Are you trying to capture the perfect moment at your grandchild’s soccer game? What about graduation photos? Or, are you struggling to understand your iOS? Why the heck do they keep updating it anyway? 

At times, it feels like younger generations make it a challenge to stay up-to-date with the changing trends, especially regarding technology. 

But no need to fear. The Granville Senior Center is hosting mini classes this month with Apple specialist, Gregg Montomery, to teach senior citizens how to stay connected with friends and family through technology.

These classes are two hours (10 a.m. to noon) and focus on different ways to stay technologically updated and avoid isolation. 

The next class, which will take place Tuesday, Oct. 24, will cover how to get the most from your iOS settings. Participants will engage in a hands-on session to learn about iPhone security, general iPhone settings, and Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11. 

Participating is an exciting way to learn something new in a group setting. And after some coaching, you might be able to look up your old high school friends from back in the day.

Sessions are capped at 20 participants. Call to reserve your spot, today! You can reach the Granville Senior Center at (740) 587-1333. 

Granville Senior Center programming is funded in part through a grant from the Granville Community Foundation. Read more about grants in support of Granville arts, education, historic preservation, and community building. 

Since the Granville Senior Center is a learning center, its programs are designed to foster meaningful relationships and encourage independence in a fun, innovative way.