Granville Public Library Brings our Past to our Present

By Fitale Wari

Can you imagine what Granville was like 50 years ago? What about 100 years ago? 

What if we told you there was a quick and easy way for you to find out?  

With the help of a three-year grant from the Granville Community Foundation totaling $12,000, the Granville Public Library has completed digitization of 130 years and countless pages of newspapers.* Not only does digitization preserve the information in the papers before they disintegrate, it also provides a timeless resource for the Granville community. 

Digitization was no small undertaking for the Granville Public Library. The process of digitizing takes a couple hours per paper. 

Imagine the length of time it takes to photograph one page, put it on microfilm, and digitize that microfilm. 

Now multiply that by multiple pages of a newspaper. 51,034 pages to be exact. 

But, you’re not done yet. 

Repeat this process for more than 100 years’ worth of collected papers including the Denisonian, Granville Licking Pioneer, Granville Times and Granville Sentinel

Folks can find issues from 1880-1941 of the Granville Times, issues from 1867-1926 of the Granville Pioneer, and issues from 1970-2011 of the Granville Sentinel in the library’s newly digitized archives. 

Making information easy to access, and easier to find, draws Granvillians to the library. Because of its easy accessibility, many people use the digitized issues to check their genealogy. 

“[The Granville Times and Granville Sentinel are] small town newspaper[s], so things like baby births or engagements are notified in the newspaper,” said Anita Carroll, the library’s director. 

Some of the photos you can search for are from past Fourth of July events, graduations, Granville’s sports teams, and people in the community. 

Whether you’re working on a research project, investigating something for a club, or simply interested in learning more about Granville, its archives are free and open to use. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house to scroll through them. To begin, visit

The Granville Community Foundation is extremely proud to aid the Granville Public Library and proud to preserve Granville’s history. 

“The Foundation really made this happen,” Anita shared. 



* Original issues of the papers can be found at the Granville Historical Society.