Sound of the Symphony

Connecting Kids and the Classics

Naudia, a  Musician's Spotlight  performer  Photo credit: Emma Mortellaro

Naudia, a Musician's Spotlight performer

Photo credit: Emma Mortellaro

Written by: Ani Metzger

The Granville community is devoted to cultivating a home for the arts, so it’s no surprise that the Newark-Granville Youth Symphony (NGYS) is chock-full of excellent student performers from the surrounding area. In fact, the Youth Symphony teamed up with the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra and a number of other professional musicians from all corners of the state to present the Musician’s Spotlight, an evening of classical music for our community to enjoy.

Musician’s Spotlight took place in the Midland Theatre on March 11 of this year. Student performers from the surrounding area were asked to prepare excerpts from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik prior to auditioning. Six students, three of whom are from Granville, were selected to share the stage with 25 professional musicians to perform the entire piece at Musician’s Spotlight. They also got the chance to interact and attend three rehearsals with the professionals prior to the show.  Although Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was the only piece featuring students, Musician’s Spotlight also showcased Brandenburg Concerto no. 5 by Johann Sebastian Bach, Oboe Concert in F by Antonio Vivaldi, and Liberty Tango by Astor Piazzola.

I had the chance to meet and chat with Naudia, a freshman at Granville High School, who was selected as a student violinist. New to Granville, Naudia has found a home among her peers in the Youth Symphony. She has played the violin for four short years, and has made remarkable strides in her pursuit of mastering the instrument. She attributes her devotion to the violin to her affinity for the instrument, exclaiming, “I love [the violin] with my whole heart!”

The Foundation is thankful to have helped give our Granville students the chance to explore their passions at a young age. Our mission is to further the flourishing of arts and education in Granville, while strengthening our community as a whole. Musician’s Spotlight touches all three of our core values, as it gives an opportunity for young Granvillians to explore the world of orchestral music and creates a space for the community to come together and celebrate its talented youth.