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Thoreau Comes to Granville

Photo Credit: Emma Mortellaro

Photo Credit: Emma Mortellaro

Written by: Ani Metzger

In a community rich with ideas, the Granville Community Foundation is pleased to help the Granville Public Library bring the concept of a “Writing Dead Series” to fruition. The Series celebrates the bicentennial of beloved American author, Henry David Thoreau, and his classic novel, Walden; or, Life in the Woods. The three-day gathering, taking place May 18 through May 20, has something for the whole family! The event features live music, book discussions, and more. The Foundation is honored to fund a reenactment of Thoreau by Dr. Kevin Radaker.

“The Writing Dead Series" is a project two-and-a-half years in the making and the Granville Public Library is overjoyed to share their hard work with the community. The library’s creative team selected Thoreau and Walden to honor Granville community’s connection to nature and academia. To the library’s delight, a number of local book clubs elected to study the book in preparation for the events this month. But if you haven’t gotten a chance to delve into Walden’s pages, no need to worry! The events are engineered to engage all who are interested.

Earlier this spring, I sat with the director of “The Writing Dead Series," Julia Walden, and got the inside scoop of the celebration’s goings-on. Julia’s passion for books brought her to Granville almost a decade ago and she raves of her home, boasting of Granville’s “wide thinking" and "broad love of ideas.” Julia wanted to host an educational event that welcomes any interested member of the Granville community and we think she’s done it!

This celebration is more than merely another event to attend this spring. “The Writing Dead Series” provides a space for Granvillians to hit pause and step outside of their hectic lives. It’s an invitation to sit and meditate on nature, literature, and the blossoming of spring in our happy village. So don’t miss out! Come relax and learn. We hope to see you there!

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