The Beautiful Sound of Vintage Voices

Written by: Ani Metzger

Vintage Voices has graced the streets and churches of Granville since 1999. Comprised of adults age 50 years and older, the group performs throughout the year with three large concerts annually: Granville’s Candlelight Walking Tour, Fourth of July Celebration, and Palm Sunday.  Vintage Voices also performs on a smaller scale at a number of local nursing homes throughout the year.

I spoke with Judith Keck, who has performed with the Vintage Voices for about twelve years.  She explained how the group has grown from 20 to roughly 60 members over the past 17 years.  We spoke about the memories she has gained through her membership. Reminiscing about recent concerts, she smiled at me and exclaimed, “Did I mention we have groupies?  We do—we have groupies!”  The joy on her face revealed the pride she feels to be a part of such a wonderful group and how grateful she and her fellow singers are to have a following that supports and encourages them as performers.  The attitude of the group perfectly reflects the welcoming nature of Granville.  When asked how new members join,  Judith offered, “Just walk right in!”  They are always looking for new talent to sing with and buddies to chat with.

Did I mention we have groupies?We do--we have groupies!”

The Granville Community Foundation has partnered with Vintage Voices since its’ humble beginnings in 1999. This year, the Foundation is providing funds for the purchase of new music that will be performed during the Fourth of the July festivities.  We hope to see you there!