Fireworks a Granville Favorite

Written by: Ani Metzger

Everyone in town loves the Kiwanis Club of Granville! Why is that, you may ask? Is it because they award scholarships to graduating Granville High School seniors? Their scrumptious maple syrup? Their famous pancake fundraiser? Their numerous and beloved youth clubs? Perhaps. But Kiwanis’ Granville fame stems largely from their annual Fourth of July celebration, and primarily centers around the Firework Show.

The Granville Community Foundation is excited to help keep the thriving tradition of Kiwanis’ Fireworks Show alive. Kiwanis’ relationship with The Granville Community Foundation has grown throughout the years—the Foundation began funding the fireworks nearly five years ago, and began funding the entirety of the fireworks last year.

It’s the one night every Granvillian makes sure not to miss.

After speaking with a number of Granvillians about their affection for Granville’s annual Fireworks Show,  I quickly realized Granville simply would not be Granville without this cherished tradition. Mike Birkmeyer, a member of Kiwanis, sums up the Show’s appeal as “almost stereotypical of the good ol’ days,” because everyone in town is in good spirits and looking forward to seeing one another out on the street for the Show.  It is the one night every Granvillian makes sure not to miss. The Show brings in crowds of thousands (5,000 last year alone!).  In fact, many Granville High School reunions take place during the same week because so many already plan to make the trek home for the sake of the Fireworks Show.  The festivities have become the town’s unofficial homecoming—and we’re so happy to play our part!