About Granville Community Foundation

The Granville Community Foundation is proud to provide financial support for the arts, education, historic preservation, and special events that help define Granville. Our grants, awarded annually to local non-profits, are made possible through generous donations from the community. 

Foundation Directors

Vince Paumier  President

Vince Paumier

Angela Katona  Vice President

Angela Katona
Vice President

Scott Miller  Treasurer

Scott Miller

Jill Young  Secretary

Jill Young

Kyle Bartholomew  Member

Kyle Bartholomew

Josh Beitzel  Ex Officio Representative for Denison University

Josh Beitzel
Ex Officio Representative for Denison University

Lindsey Hoskinson  Member

Lindsey Hoskinson

Michelle Lerner  Ex Officio Representative for Village of Granville

Michelle Lerner
Ex Officio Representative for Village of Granville

Jerry Miller  Ex Officio Representative for Granville Township

Jerry Miller
Ex Officio Representative for Granville Township

Alan Minton  Member

Alan Minton

Lewis Mollica  Member

Lewis Mollica

Scott Mortimer  Ex Officio Representative for Granville Schools

Scott Mortimer
Ex Officio Representative for Granville Schools

Mike Schmidt  Member

Mike Schmidt

Jay Snyder  Member

Jay Snyder

Deb Tegtmeyer  Member

Deb Tegtmeyer

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A 45-Year History ServingThe Granville Community


The Granville Community Foundation solicits tax-deductible charitable gifts to support non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to making Granville, Ohio a stronger and better community. The Granville Community Foundation was incorporated in 1971 by longtime residents Carl Frazier, Ed Roberts, Dick Paugh and Terry White. Together, they saw a need in the Granville community for an apolitical organization to address the charitable needs of the community. Mindful of what had been accomplished via community foundations in other communities and responsive to the needs of an expanding Granville, they determined to incorporate in order to accommodate the present and future needs of the growing Granville community-the Village and the unincorporated sections of Granville Township.

It seemed to them and others in Granville that people seek to make their community a better place in which to live. Granville folks have long cherished, respected and struggled to preserve their community's history and heritage. And here, as in other places where the search for community enrichment has been successful, there is usually found a hallmark of the community effort, the community foundation
In the Foundation's Articles of Incorporation filed by the Ohio Secretary of State on May 5, 1971 there was included this simple expression of the objectives of the Granville Community Foundation:  " ... contribute to charitable purposes for the common good, general welfare and civic benefits of the Granville community and to assist in and contribute to such objectives and to movements looking toward the progress and advancement of the Granville community."  The Granville Community Foundation can and does receive gifts, legacies, bequests, proceeds of insurance policies, trusts, and other funds, and is empowered to assign, transfer, appoint or designate other corporations, firms, associations, partnerships or individuals to act as trustee or agent for the Granville Community Foundation with respect to such funds, their distribution and use in the accomplishment of the purposes of the Granville Community Foundation.

Stated in a slightly different way, the Granville Community Foundation, by its Articles of Incorporation, may hold, apply, pay, distribute, invest and re-invest funds as such actions will benefit the Granville community. Distribution of funds may be either in response to requests made of the Granville CommunityFoundation by a group or association, or upon election of the Granville Community Foundation officers, directors or distribution committee. The Granville Community Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of thirteen directors, nine of whom are elected by the Granville Community Foundation membership and one each being designated by the Granville Board of Township Trustees, the Granville Village Council, the Granville Exempted Village School District Board of Education, and the fourth nominated by the president of Denison University from the university's administrative staff. The five officers of the Granville Community Foundation are the President, Vice-President, Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer, singly or in combination, as directed by the directors to carry out the day-to-day affairs of the Granville Community Foundation. Each year, the Granville Community Foundation solicits gifts from the Granville community. The proceeds of these gifts, combined with proceeds from the Granville Community Foundation's endowment, are then distributed as grants to applying organizations in keeping with the Granville Foundation's Articles of Incorporation.

Carl Frazier

Carl Frazier

MISSION: To invest in opportunities that inspire and strengthen the Granville community.

VISION: For Granville residents to be deeply connected through shared pride, inspired engagement and collective commitment to the community.


  • Fostering community connections

  • Inspiring philanthropy

  • Providing responsible stewardship

  • Serving the needs of Granville